Monday, April 27, 2009

Internet Scams!!!!

Many sites promise they will pay you big bucks to join there online community and participate in whatever there site does. Just about all of them are scams... or at least don't live up to there promises. Do not join the sites that make you pay them for there services. (it's like getting a job, you don't pay the person who want's to hire you!) Also the sites that promise to give you lots of money and say "Join Now And Make 300 Bucks In Your First Hour!!!!!" are obviously scams and will never pay out. Don't expect to get rich of the internet right away, Things like that take time and a lot of effort. Here are some scams that you should not waste your time with...
These guys promise to make you rich by eating out, driving, testing products, reviewing local stores, taking cruises, etc. When I first started looking into how to make money online I thought this was to good to be true so I signed up. They started getting really annoying and sending me lots of email all saying that the desperately needed a survey scout in my area. (the first 2 weeks they sent me 20 emails.) I decided I should not do any of there jobs and I quickly discontinued my membership.

(I will continue to add more scams as soon as I can.)

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